When students post jobs on Spires, you will be notified by email according to the tutoring subjects and levels you have selected in your profile.

You can also login to Spires and check the jobs board. Watch our video below and see more detail with this article:

Jobs Board

By default, you will see the jobs on Spires that match your tutoring subjects.

You can use the filters on the left hand side to change the subjects and levels displayed, or can 'Show all jobs' to see the entire jobs board.

You can click 'More Info' on any job to get the full job information added by the client or student. This can range from very little (they just clicked the required buttons on our website) up to a lot (they entered detailed information).

This will also open up the bidding window.


  • Suggested Bid - Is the typical range other tutors have won bids on similar jobs. You can always bid outside of this range but it is unlikely you will be successful if you bid significantly above the higher value. If you want to maximise your chance of winning, you can bid below the lower value but make sure you are willing to commit to the job at the price you bid.

  • Currencies - Because Spires is global, prices are displayed to clients in their own currencies. At present Spires processes GBP (UK Pounds), USD (US Dollars), EUR (Euros), CAD (Canadian Dollars) and AUD (Australian Dollars). Tutors are always paid in GBP, so the earnings are always shown in GBP (Spires is UK based). More on currencies here.

  • Client Price - Is the price the client will see and pay in their own currency.

  • You Earn - Is what you will be paid after the platform fee is taken.

  • Platform fee - 25% is the default for students you get through Spires. It is 30% for jobs from our agency partners and 5% on client you bring to the platform. Clients do not see platform fees on Spires as it varies and can be confusing for them. More on platform fees here.

  • Your message - the first message which is sent to the student as part of your bid. Quality matters here, and your response should be positive and tailored to their needs. You can use bidding templates, which are set up in your settings tab.

See our the article on maximising bid success, bid pricing and bid speed for more information.

Please note: After the job has received three bids, it is withdrawn from the jobs board and you will not be able to bid, unless your tutor score is better than one of the existing tutors. A further two bids can be placed at this stage, but no more than this.

Once you have bid, your application will be emailed and texted to the client (If they have added their phone number on Spires) and you will be connected to them through the Messenger.

See the next guide on communicating with students.

You can also dismiss the job using the red 'x' if you do not wish to bid, or report it if you think it constitutes misconduct.

My Jobs

You cannot see what other tutors have bid until the job is closed, either because a tutor was successfully hired, the client closed the request, or it expired after 4 weeks of inactivity from the client.

Information on the status of your bids and jobs can be found in the 'My Jobs' tab Jobs.

See the guide on My Jobs for more information.

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