Bid Speed

Why it's important and how to improve it

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Bid Speed explained

Your bid speed is the median time taken to bid on a request.

Why is it important:

There is a very strong correlation between how quickly a tutor bids on a job and their chances of getting hired. Tutors who bid faster consistently get hired more often. They essentially get the first chance to engage the client, are more likely to have their bid and profile reviewed in full and get a greater share of the client's attention. Speed and responsiveness are very important on Spires, especially for newer tutors who need to build up their profile, reviews and hours to compete with more established tutors. A quick, quality and reasonably priced bid from a less established tutor can beat a slower and more expensive bid from a more established tutor.

Quick, well-written bids from a tutor with a great profile at affordable prices will win clients on Spires. If you want to see your bids being more successful try bidding faster.

How to improve your Bid Times:

The easiest way to bid faster is to get job notifications quickly. To do so, you have to set up the subjects/levels that you can tutor properly in your profile area in your account.

1. Turn on job notifications by email

By selecting subjects and levels that you can teach in your profile area, you will automatically receive email alerts about new jobs in those subjects. Make sure your notifications are properly configured in your account settings area to receive these emails. You can also turn on email notifications on your desktop or mobile device to be notified about emails quickly.

2. Turn on Chrome browser notifications

If you keep Spires open in a Chrome browser tab in the background, and allow Spires' browser notifications, you will get notified about new job opportunities whilst you are doing other tasks.

3. Use bidding templates

In your account area, you can create bidding templates that you can quickly paste into your new job bids, rather than having to type out similar job bid information each time you bid.

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