How to Use Bid Templates

What are bid templates and how to use them

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Bid templates can be used to insert a standard application template into your job bids.

This allows you to create impactful and well considered bids, but without having to fill out a message each time so that you can bid quickly.

Under the account tab, if you scroll down, you will find a section called bid template settings:

Clicking on "New Template" allows you to name and fill in a new template message.

Click Save Template when you are finished.

This message can then be inserted into your new bid on the jobs board. When you click 'see more' on a job to bid, you will see a drop-down that says 'Select template:

Clicking this will open a menu which will let you select one of your saved templates to insert into you bid.

It is best practice to then further edit the message to personalise it for the student, i.e. include the person's name and refer directly to what they have written in their request to improve your chances of success.

More info on how to bid successfully can be found here.

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