How is it calculated:

Total Hires divided by Total Bids

Why is it important:

Hire to Bid Ratios indicate how well a tutor is performing at winning clients on Spires relative to their peers.

A high ratio means that a tutor is winning a larger percentage of their bids, and thus making better bids or bidding on subjects with less competition. Targeted, high-quality bids at sensible prices on relevant jobs will win clients on Spires.

A low ratio means that a tutor is making lower quality or spammy bids and not winning clients. It can also indicate that their bid prices are too high for their qualifications/skills and experience relative to the market or they are bidding in very competitive subjects.

Hire to Bid Ratios are a very important metric on Spires. Consistently poor quality bids are a very common reason for tutors losing bidding privileges on Spires.

How to improve your Hire to Bid Ratio:

1. Only bid on relevant jobs

Targeted bids on jobs for which you are clearly qualified and have sufficient experience are more likely to get you hired. Make sure your bid speaks to the client's needs and goals and helps to explain why you are the best tutor for them to work with. Invest some time and energy into making good bids. You can also make use of bidding templates in your account settings.

2. Don't bid too high

We understand that different skillsets, experience and demand should dictate different prices and we encourage tutors to bid a fair and appropriate amount for their services. But extremely high, speculative bids that are very different from the overall market for your services will result in low Hire to Bid ratios and will hurt your performance on Spires. Be realistic about what clients are able to pay, not just what you hope to earn. We give guidance about what bid prices are most successful at winning clients on Spires throughout the platform.

3. Make sure your profile is good

High resolution, professional photos go a long-way in helping clients make decisions about the overall professionalism of a tutor, especially if they charge high rates. As do clear and concise profiles that really speak to your experience, professionalism and track-record in your field. See how to make a good profile.

4. Bid quickly on jobs

Bid speed is a very important factor in getting hired on Spires. Generally, the quicker you bid after the job is posted, the more likely the client is to give you consideration. However, we do not recommend spam/speculative bidding just for the sake of speed. Always bid on relevant jobs, read the information the client has presented and make your bid appropriate to the client, where possible.

5. Be professional and responsive

Generally being positive, supportive, responsive and on top of your client interactions at all times will lead to more hires and better ratios. If a client responds with interest to your bid, respond to messages quickly to maximise your chances of winning the job and retaining clients.

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