How is it calculated:

The typical response time between clients' messages to you and your messages to them before you schedule your first paid class.

Why is it important:

Response Times to messages are an indicator of how engaged and professional a tutors is with their clients, and how available they are for their tutoring.

A lower time means that a tutor is responding quickly to their messages and thus typically being more engaged and professional with their clients.

A higher time means that a tutor is responding less quickly to their messages and thus being less engaged with their clients.

Response times are used as an indication of engagement on Spires.

How to improve your Response Times:

1. Use Spires in your browser, on your mobile phone, or on the iOS app with notifications turned on to receive and reply to messages quickly. Don't leave client's hanging. You can always refuse or turn down their requests if they are being unreasonable, rather than ignoring them.

2. Make yourself available to your clients if you agree to take them on.

3. More info on how to speed up your response times can be found here.

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