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Why is so important and how to improve

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Bid pricing explained

This is your average bid price relative to other tutors' bids on the same jobs.

It is an indication to let you know how much more or less you are charging compared to others.

Why is it important:

We designed Spires to offer maximum flexibility for tutors in determining their tutoring rates.

We do not tell tutors or clients what the price of a job should be, but instead let market forces determine fair and appropriate rates depending on a number of factors (subject, level, client budget, tutor experience etc.).

Tutors with more experience, better qualifications, a strong track record of client retention and/or who provide niche and highly sought-after skills can and should charge a premium (within reason).

However, some tutors significantly over-value their time and/or put highly speculative prices into their bids. This is destructive behaviour on Spires as it hurts the chances of any tutor getting hired as potential clients a put off by such bids.

How to improve your Bid Pricing

If you want to see your bids being more successful try to keep your pricing reasonable relative to successful previous hire prices as indicated by the 'Suggested bid' in the bidding window.

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*** Tutors who consistently fail to win clients (low Hire to Bid Ratios) due to excessive bids (high prices relative to other tutors) may have their bidding privileges changed or revoked ***

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