The My Jobs section of Spires

My Jobs is a record of the previous students you have placed bids on and what the outcome was in each case

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The My Jobs tab is a record of the previous students you have placed bids on and what has happened in each case.

On the left hand side, there are several filters, which you can use to focus on a requests in a particular state:

  • Bidding - The student has not had a paid classes with you yet

  • Dismissed - The student has rejected your bid

  • Hired - The student has booked at least one paid class with you

  • Completed - When the job has been closed by you

  • Pending - When the bid is in the process of being reviewed before being released to the student

Each student you have placed a bid on is presented as a card, and each card can have several options

Show more - This displays the job and bid information as shown below:

Message - This takes to the messenger, i.e. the messages between yourself and the student

Call - This is visible if the student has added their phone number and clicking it will allow you to call them. See the article on phone calling for more information

The red x in the top corner - This allows you to dismiss the client and cancel the bid. Clicking the red x will present a pop up which you can use to give both us and the client more information on why you are withdrawing (please be polite!)

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