What is the Tutor Scorecard?

Your bidding and job performance on Spires relative to other tutors

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The Tutor scorecard is our proprietary algorithm used to measure how well a tutor is retaining clients, how well they are winning bids, how engaged they are, how professional they are and how honest they are.

It is intended to help tutors understand their performance relative to other tutors and highlight potential areas for improvement. It is also used by the Spires team to keep an eye on job performance and success, both absolutely and relative to other tutors.

The tutor score is based on key performance metrics such as hours per client, hire to bid ratio, bid pricing and speed, message responsiveness and client feedback. Through extensive analysis we have found that the top tutors tend to consistently score highly in these metrics.

When tutors bid on jobs, their bids are ranked by tutor score, independently of the price they bid.

Trusted tutors with higher scores will also be given high quality clients from time-to-time through manual connections by our team and also get referred to lucrative jobs with our partner agencies, schools and institutions.

Tutors with consistently low scores, overtime, will have their accounts reviewed and may be removed from Spires.

You can find articles on the various components of the tutor score and how to improve them below.

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