The Tutor scorecard

The scorecard is shows how successful your interactions are with the platform

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What is the Tutor scorecard?

The Tutor Scorecard is how we help tutors understand their behaviour and how it will impact their success on the platform.

Early on, we carried out a statistical analysis of all the interactions of tutors and used a machine learning model to work out what would result in good outcomes, i.e. hires and classes.

All tutors are given a score between 0% and 100%, this is a relative score in comparison to all other tutors. This is based mostly on the average hours per student you achieve, however, we are looking at bringing in other metrics too.

This is what the Spires tutor score looks like

An example of a scorecard

You can use the buttons in the top right to look at how your score is changing with time. However, we use the 1 year data to calculate your percentage score.

Your score determines the order in which your bid is presented, the higher scores are presented at the top and the lower scores are beneath them:

A screenshot of the student's view when they receive bids - the first bid has a gold border around it as they have a higher score than the other bids

The scorecard explained

The scorecard consists of:

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