Spires' terms for cancelling classes

Our cancellation policy for students and how to charge for cancelled classes

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All students (and tutors) agree to our cancellation and rescheduling terms each time they accept a class.

In short, at least 24 hours notice must be given by either party when cancelling/rescheduling classes.

A student can cancel/reschedule any class automatically with more than 24 hours notice. Students do not always know how to do this, so they may ask their tutor to this. Simply follow the instructions in the article here.

However, student cannot cancel/reschedule classes with less than 24 hours notice. They will be told to message the tutor to do so.

If you are not happy with the late cancellation/rescheduling, you should inform the student that you will be charging them. In order to charge them for the class, you should log in and start the class at the schedule time, and then follow the same procedure as when a student misses a class.

Before you charge for a late cancellation, you should consider if it is absolutely necessary. There may be genuine reasons for the cancellation, or there may be events beyond the student's control that make it necessary. Charging unnecessary may destroy any report with the student/client, when simply rescheduling might be a better option.

Equally, if there are no consequences to cancelling classes then a student is more likely to do it again in the future. so it is a delicate balancing act between maintaining goodwill and good behaviour.

The above does not apply to offline/prep class, we leave it to your discretion as to what you do if a student requests to cancel an offline/prep class given they have already paid.

If you want to you can always refund a student if you change your mind or find our later there was a legitimate reason for missing a class.

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