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I want to cancel or reschedule a class
I want to cancel or reschedule a class

You must give 24 hours notice

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On the classes tab, locate the class you want to cancel or reschedule and simply click the link to do so.

Make sure that you message the tutor and explain why you need to cancel or reschedule your class. It is good to keep them in the loop, and try and move the class to an alternative time.

*** Our terms and conditions require at least 24 hours notice for cancelling and rescheduling classes ***


You can only cancel the class if it is more than 24 hours away. If it is any less than that, you will see the follow you will see a popup telling you to contact the tutor to cancel it.

Tutors have family and work commitments and they are conducting classes and preparing for them around these commitments. It is not reasonable or professional to cancel classes at short notice (no more than you should expect them to).

Obviously sometimes emergencies and unforeseen circumstance arise, but if you do not give sufficient notice and a tutor does not agree to cancel the class, they may charge you for missing the class.


Clicking 'Reschedule' will allow you to change the time, date and/or length of the class by clicking the triangles pointing down on any of these options in the following popup.

Once you have changed the proposed class date/time/length, simply click submit and the tutor will be prompted to confirm the rescheduled class.

If the class is less than 24 hours away, you will need to speak with your tutor about rearranging, the same as for cancelling above.

See the full guide on scheduling classes here.

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