What is an Offline Class?

How to bill for work that you do outside of the Spires Classroom

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Sometimes, work may be requested and completed whilst not working in real-time with a student through our Classroom.

This may include preparation time for a scheduled classes, proof-reading, essay marking, mock exam marking or similar work.

In this case you can send a request for offline work.

To send a request for offline work, open the Spires chat between you and the student in the 'Messages' tab. In the messenger, click on the green 'Schedule Class' button and at the top of the pop-up you will see two options, 'Offer Class' and 'Offline/Written work':

Click on Offline/Written work and then you set what work or 'Topic' you are charging for and set the hours and minutes needed to complete the work (which will determine both the cost to the client) and your earnings after the platform fee has been taken is displayed:

Before you submit a request for 'Offline Work' make sure that you have spoken to the student and agreed upon how much time the work will take and thus the cost.

Once you submit the request, the student will need to accept the request, at which point their payment card will be debited and the funds will processed to be deposited into your Spires account.

Note: Make sure that this is done before any work takes place. We cannot force students to pay for work after it has been done if they did not agree to it through the system.

You can find more information of Scheduling Classes and Payments using these links.

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