A student missed a class

If your student does not turn up you can still charge them

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What happens if a student misses a class?

If your student does not turn up to a scheduled class or is a no-show, then you can still charge them.

You can only charge if the class or meeting was offered, accepted, and confirmed.

Once both parties confirm, the student is bound by our terms and conditions to pay for a missed class, but at the tutor's discretion.

*** 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the class, if the student has not shown up, you should end the class and click 'Missed Class' ***

After 15 minutes, clicking on end class will bring up a pop-up like this:

Clicking on "Missed Class" will give you the option to Charge the student 0%, 50%, or 100% of the missed class price.

Alternatively, you can 'Drop' the class charge.

We leave it to your discretion to determine if you charge or not. 

You should speak to the student before you charge to see if there is a valid reason for missing the class.

Charging a student may be the right course of action if they were wasting your time, or are a repeat offender, but it may also destroy your relationship and rapport with them if they had a genuine excuse so discretion is advised.

Often students will make up the lost class, or accept a 50% charge.

*** Communication is key to dealing with missed classes ***

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