Before we let tutors go live on Spires, i.e. bidding on jobs, communicating with our clients and having online tutorials, we need to see that you can deliver an online tutorial professionally, effectively and efficiently first.

As such, your interview will be a short but concise 10-15 minute tutorial, on a subject or topic of your choosing, delivered to a member of our team.

The emphasis here is on the tutorial element; there has to be student interaction and you should treat the interviewer as you would a student. We do not want to see tutors simply talking through a PowerPoint presentation and it should not be a generic introduction or a general talk about your field, nor should it be a lecture.

Tutoring is not the same as lecturing or classroom teaching. It revolves around 1:1 interaction, is personal and should be personalised. Building rapport and gaining the respect and attention of your student requires a more proactive and interactive approach to teaching. Emotional intelligence is as important as raw intelligence in tutoring!

Tutoring is all about being knowledgeable, positive, proactive, likeable, approachable and competent. In short, professional. These are the qualities we look for in our tutors.

Quality and integrity are also important to us as you will be working on our platform with our clients and representing the Spires brand of high-quality online tutoring.

Poor tutorials and/or a lack of professionalism reflect badly on our team and the other professional tutors using the platform. They also lead to complaints, refunds and unnecessary administrative burden for all involved.

Our system relies on integrity; we give you clients and you pay for our services through commission over the length of the job. Entering into private arrangements to avoid paying commission on Spires is equivalent in spirit to shoplifting or tax evasion and will be met with consequences from our team. See our house rules for more info.

Preparing for your interview

A general guide and video can be found here on How to Tutor Online. We expect to see an online whiteboard such a Bitpaper and digital pen being used for any quantitative subject or one where equations and diagrams are heavily involved, (Maths, Science, Economics, Computer Science). For qualitative subjects, we expect to see Google docs, screen sharing and other collaborative subjects being used.

The interview tutorial is conduced online through the Spires classroom using Zoom (guide).

You can find more information here on starting your interview at the scheduled time.

Beyond reading the rest of the tutor guide, we also recommend familiarising yourself with the platform and testing the classroom before your interview. This can be done by clicking on the 'Open Classroom' button in the 'Classes' tab then 'Test Classroom':

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