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How to get into your interview

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Your interview will take place on our platform through our in-built classroom.

To begin your interview, you will bid on a mock request from a test student (your interviewer), offer them a free class from our messenger, and then meet them in the classroom to give them a tutorial.

This gives you a dry run on the bidding process on Jobs and how to use Spires more generally.

Please note that we are no longer using Zoom, we are using Lessonspace. The video below is correct in the steps, however you will not be opening a Zoom call any longer. Please see here for the details on Lessonspace and make sure you try this out before the class.

To join your interview

*** 10 minutes before the interview time ***

1. Login to Spires and click on the 'Jobs' tab on the navigation bar:

2. Locate the job called "Other - Other". The description will say your name followed by the word test.

3. Click 'More info' and scroll down to where is says 'Your message' and fill in the Client Price with a nominal £30. Write ready in the application box and then click Submit bid.

NB: If an error displays it is because you left a box blank. Please fill in ALL the boxes.

4. Now you will be connected to your interviewer in our messenger. Click on the 'Messages' tab in the navigation bar, and then click on the Student's name. You can say hello to your interviewed and let them know you are ready to begin.

5. Click on green 'Schedule Class' button:

Offer a Free Meeting by simply clicking the "Free Meeting" tab at the top of the pop up and then click Offer. You do not need to change the time, it should just be in the next 5 minutes.

6. Once the interviewer accepts you need to click 'Start Class'.

7. Then click 'Open Classroom'. You will then meet your interviewer in the classroom.

NB: If you have any issues with any of the above, just send us a message using the blue circle in the bottom right hand corner of the website at any time:

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