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House Rules for Tutors
House Rules for Tutors

Tutors are expected to honour the code of conduct and the terms of their tutor licence

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Everyone who tutors on Spires is bound by their tutor licence.

As part of the tutor licence we grant to tutors, we expect them to honour our code of conduct.

We have summarised the most important parts of the code of conduct in this article.

Watch the video or read the text below:

Guidance for tutors

  1. Professionalism: Missing classes frequently or without prior communication; ignoring emails or messages; rudeness to either our staff or clients; complaints about poor quality tutoring and/or consistently low tutor scores will lead to a formal review of your account and possible suspension of your tutor licence.

  2. Academic misconduct: Completing work for students, or helping with exams or assignments where guidance is given that students must complete it by themselves can be seen as academic misconduct. We trust tutors to determine what constitutes unethical help but have a zero tolerance policy towards anyone found to be engaging in it. More information on what constitutes unethical help here.

  3. Exchanging contact details: This is not allowed on Spires. The system is designed to offer safeguarding and privacy for both tutors and students. It has everything built in for communications; including free international phone calls, messages and emails, file sharing and video calls. Tutors are expected to make use of these functions only to communicate with students. We understand that legitimate circumstances arise where you need to contact a client urgently (tech failures, emergencies etc) but in this case just contact us via the blue button and we will help.

  4. Soliciting private arrangements: Attempting to create a private arrangement with a client off platform would infringe upon the rights of the company by breaking our contractual relationship with that client and thus violate the code of conduct. Everything is recorded centrally on Spires and if we suspect that you are doing so, we reserve the right to terminate your licence. If you are unhappy with prices or platform fees, or the client is, we are always willing to discuss changing them, so talk to us.

In short, we only allow the best and most experienced tutors to work on Spires and expect professionalism and honesty from them at all times. By upholding these rules, Spires is viable for everyone.

We reserve the right to terminate your tutor licence for violating the code of conduct or any of the points above.

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