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How To Use The Tutor Guide
How To Use The Tutor Guide

How to get the answers to your questions

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The Spires tutor guide explains how Spires works and provides answers to all of the questions that tutors ask us.

The tutor guide can be accessed at anytime from the navigation bar or drop down menu in app or at

Video Guide

The tutor guide has several key sections:

  • If you are a new tutor applying to join Spires then you need to read the Interview and How to Tutor Online sections.

  • Once you have passed your interview, or as extra preparation for your interview (strongly recommended) you should read the How to Tutor on Spires, Money, Tax and Employment and Tutor Scorecard sections.

  • The FAQs sections cover the most common issues that arise such as bidding, payment and class issues.

Getting Help from Our Team

You can also use the blue button to search for help articles, or if you cannot find the answer yourself, contact our team and they will be happy to help.

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