To get started on Bitpaper, you need to go to and create an account. It can be the free account which gives you one free paper per month. Once you have done this, you will find an extensive user guide under the 'Guide' tab in the navigation bar.

We highly recommend you read their guide. There is also a video there which explains how to use Bitpaper there. It's a cool piece of software for online tutoring!

To share the whiteboard with a student, you can copy and paste the URL and send it to them via our chat messenger. Then they will be able to work with you in real-time, solving problems, sharing ideas and solutions etc.

Whilst bitpaper has many tools and features, one of the most useful and underrated is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts, which enable you to do things very quickly:

  • 1 is the pen, 2 is the colour picker, 3 is the eraser, 4 is the selection tool

  • CTRL + V is paste on windows, or CMD + V on Macs

  • Z is undo, X is redo.

  • A full list can be found by pressing k on the whiteboard

You can learn more by having a play with it and exploring the different features, there is also a Facebook group where you can ask questions and professional online tutors share information on advanced features.

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