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The Spires Whiteboard - How to create and access whiteboards
The Spires Whiteboard - How to create and access whiteboards

Our whiteboard is a fully integrated version of Bitpaper and free to use

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Spires has an integrated whiteboard that students and tutors can access through the messenger. This article covers creating and managing whiteboards through Spires, if you want to more on how Bitpaper works, please read the article here.

***Important notes***

  • Whiteboards created through Spires have the full functionality of Bitpaper, except for Bitpaper's video call feature. Lessonspace is still used for audio/video calls on Spires.

  • Creating whiteboards is free. While Bitpaper is a paid service, Spires covers the cost for our users.

  • Only tutors can create and delete whiteboards, students can only join them.

  • Only 10 whiteboards may exist per job at a time. After this, you must delete an existing whiteboard to create a new one.

  • We recommend graphics tablets as the simplest and cheapest way of writing on the boards

  • Usage of Bitpaper is governed by Bitpaper's terms and privacy policy. By using Bitpaper, you agree to and are bound by these terms.

How to create whiteboards

Note: If you are preparing for an interview see instructions here on how to create a test whiteboard

Open the messenger between yourself and the student. Below the file sharing area, you will see the whiteboards section:

Clicking on create will allow you to create a new whiteboard, you will then need to enter a name:

Accessing Whiteboards

After this, both you and the student can access the whiteboard from the messenger by clicking the blue link text. This will pop open the whiteboard in a new browser tab. Ensure that your pop-up blocker is not running on Spires, otherwise it may block the tab.

Warning: Whilst you can copy and paste the URL of the whiteboard and send it to the student, the URL the tutor and student are given is different. The tutor URL will give access to a board as an ADMIN, which allows the tutor to lock the paper to prevent other people from making changes to it. This feature is typically used by tutors who are working with children, so think carefully before sharing a URL. It is generally recommended the student join the whiteboard through the blue link given to them which does not give them admin privileges on a whiteboard.

In general it is not advised that you share links manually as is typical on Bitpaper. Whiteboards you create through Spires are intended for use with one particular student and are private to that student. However, if links are shared then the whiteboard will not be private and could be accessed by unwanted 3rd parties. Spires does not own and is in no way liable for the content or data contained in a Bitpaper. Essentially, you as the paper creator, own and are responsible for that data. See Bitpaper's terms for more information.

How to delete whiteboards

Created whiteboards are permanent and will not be automatically deleted or removed. They can only be deleted by the tutor. To delete a whiteboard simply click the trashcan icon next to it. You will be asked to confirm this action:

Warning: Deleting a whiteboard deletes all of its contents. This is permanent and they cannot be recovered. Please do not ask the Spires team nor the Bitpaper team to recover deleted whiteboards as it is not possible.

For more information on how to use Bitpaper see this article

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