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How to pay for classes on Spires

Payments can be managed using the 'Payments' tab on Spires. Watch our video on how payments work and continue to read the article below to find out more:

Payment is made after a successful class when the tutor submits a charge to your card*

The payment is then automatically debited from the card that you have added.

Therefore, before you can book a class or a meeting with a tutor, you must add a credit/debit card to Spires.

*** We only accept card payments on Spires ***

You can post requests and browse and communicate with tutors for free. However, you must add a card to request or confirm any kind of class on Spires, even if it is a free class. More information on why can be found here.

Our payment provider Stripe accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc).

*** We do not store your card details ***

They are stored by Stripe who use military-grade encryption and is one of the largest payment providers in the world. Spires uses the same system as Uber, Deliveroo, Lyft and Zoom.

If you are unable to enter your card details when prompted, then we do not accept your card type and you will have to use a different one.

*** We do not accept PayPal or Bank transfers under any circumstance ***

Please do not ask either the Spires team or the tutors about any other method or type of payment.

If you are unhappy with any of the above, sadly we are not able to provide tutoring services to you. See our terms for more information.

*The only exception is when an 'Offline / Prep' class is confirmed, payment is made instantly.

Adding a Card

You will be prompted to 'Add a Card' when you try to confirm your first class or meeting.

You will also be prompted to add a card when you try to request more than one tutor, although you will not be charged for posting requests.

Stripe allows us to accept all major cards, including Visa and Mastercard. However, we do not accept Amex (American Express).

You need to simply complete the form and then you can schedule classes and post additional requests.

Changing your Card

If your card expires, your bank blocks a payment, or a payment fails because you have insufficient funds, then you will need to change your payment card.

On the payments tab, click the blue text that says "Edit Payment Card" to change your card.


Spires accepts GBP (British Pounds), USD (United States Dollars), EUR (Euros), CAD (Canadian Dollars) and AUD (Australian Dollars).

The currency of your account and your payments will default to the region you are in.

Please note: Payments will be in USD for everyone not in the above regions.

Managing your payments

You will receive a receipt after payment for all successful transactions.

Invoices for your classes can also be downloaded. For more information on this please check out our Invoices & Receipt page.

A record of all of your payments can be found in your 'payments' tabs.

You can also find a detailed record of your historical classes such as their length, price, credit changes, and card payments in the 'History' section of the 'Classes' tab:

Clicking on the grey calendar will allow you to adjust the dates and then clicking 'See Classes' will display the classes that took place between those dates.


Q: What do I do if a payment fails?

A: If a payment fails because your bank/issuer has declined a transaction, will need to contact your bank to find out why, or change your card on Spires. If your card fails because you have insufficient funds, you will need to put funds into the account linked to your card. See failed payments for more information.

Q: The amount I have been charged is wrong

A: You should discuss this with the tutor first. They set payments and can refund you if needed. If you want to raise a dispute, contact our team using the blue button. See querying payments for more information.

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