I have been overcharged

Speak to your tutor first, then our team if you wish to raise a dispute

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On Spires, tutors set their own hourly rates and process class payments.

Payments are based on how long a class actually lasted for, which may sometimes be more than the scheduled class time.

I.e. if your class lasted 1 hour 20, but was only scheduled for 1 hour, the tutor may wish to charge for the full 1 hour 20 minutes. However, they should ideally check with you about extending the class beyond the scheduled length.

Make sure you check your historical classes tab to see how much you were charged and how long the class actually lasted for.

If you feel you are being overcharged, please speak with your tutor first. There may be a simple misunderstanding that can be resolved by the tutor. They have the tools to refund you if they agree a mistake has been made. As they are the ones who charge you, not the Spires team, they should ideally process any refunds before we get involved.

However sometimes legitimate disputes do arise over payments and if you want to raise a dispute, contact the Spires team using the blue button.

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