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Cancelling or rescheduling a class
Cancelling or rescheduling a class

How to cancel a class as a tutor

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On occasion, it does become necessary to cancel or reschedule a class. This is quite simple to do, but it is also important to communicate with the student and to avoid repeated changes to your scheduled classes. We recommend that you speak to the student before cancelling and if at all possible, it is best practice to offer an alternative time.

Please cancel your classes in advance, do not cancel classes on short notice, i.e. less than 24 hours. Tutors would charge students if they did this, and it is unprofessional for tutors to do this

If a student wants to cancel: Students are not able to cancel classes due to begin in less than 24 hours. In this case, they would need to contact you so that you can cancel it, read our article on when a student wants to cancel a class as there are different approaches to take if you do/do not want to cancel it

There are several ways to cancel and reschedule classes:

The messenger view

Navigate to the messages between yourself and the student. On the right hand side of the messenger there will be list of confirmed and classes, find the class you need to cancel and click on the cancel button.

This will bring up a pop up confirming if you want to cancel the class:

Click the cancel button to confirm.

If you instead use the change button, this will let you remove the old class and offer a new class for a new time and date at the same time:

Clicking reschedule brings up the same class offer pop up which you sent to the student. It will let you edit the time and date and then offer it again to the student.

It is best to speak to the student first about which times they are available

Upcoming classes

From the upcoming classes tab, you can locate the class you would like to cancel and you will be presented the same options:

Clicking the change or cancel buttons will give you the same pop ups as doing this from the messenger

The Spires Calendar

From the calendar tab, locate a class which is taking place in the future. It will have a white background like the one shown in the picture

Clicking on the green square for an upcoming class will present a pop up with cancel and reschedule buttons

The reschedule button is the same as the change button, and clicking either will give you the same pop ups as doing this from the messenger

There is nothing wrong with cancelling or rescheduling on occasion, however repeated/short notice cancellations are unprofessional and will cost you student. Students are under a lot of pressure and often have time sensitive deadlines. They are relying heavily on tutors and they come to Spires looking for reliable professionals. It reflects very poorly not just on yourself, but also all tutors and upon the platform. Professionalism is one of the things we look for in tutors at Spires, hence tutors who display a lack of professionalism would be removed from the platform.

Missing a class is not attending the scheduled class without giving prior notice. This is highly unprofessional and should not happen on Spires at all.

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