How can I see my payments?

In the Payments and Class History tabs

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There are two tabs which allow you to see your class and payment records.

Payments Tab

You can see a record of all your card payments by clicking on 'Payments' on the navigation bar.

The payment tab shows your credit balance, your payment card details and a record of all card transactions.

You can also select the date range to view payments during that period.

Class History Tab

To view your past classes, click on 'Classes' and then the 'History' tab

This page maintains a record of each class you take and all its relevant information, such as date and time, length, price, ratings and the recording of the class (make sure you download it within 30 days). You can also see changes to your credit if you have any.

You can use the date selector to change the date range to the time period you are interested in and then click 'See Classes' to pull up all the classes between these dates.

For more information see the full guide to payments.

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