To access your recordings and class information, open your history tab.

This page has a record of the all classes you have taken, and the details of each class. The date range can be adjusted by editing the dates shown next to the calendar icons highlighted in red.

Each record is presented as a row, with the key information recorded there:

  • Class information - the date and time of the class, which tutor it was with and what subject was taught

  • Payment information - the length of the class, the subsequent price of the class (as this is determined by the hourly rate multiple by the time), the credit before and after class, and the card payment, i.e. how much the card was charged. See our payments article for more information

  • Post class information - The ratings along with any notes/comments left by student or tutor, and lastly the recordings on the far right

Your recordings

When your class recording is processed, you will be emailed. Recordings take at least 24 hours to be processed by Zoom, we cannot speed this up. They have taken longer in peak times when Zoom has many more users and recordings to process.

If you download a recording and find that it is very short, then this means it has failed. This can happen if there were problems with the internet connection during the lesson, or any other physical issues with either person's computer. If this happens, let us know the time and date and we can try to find the full recording.

If you want to download a recording, you need to do this within 30 days of the class.

After 30 days, the recordings are deleted from Spires. We will not be able to recover them. The record of your classes, time, costs, length, etc is always kept. 

Downloading a record of your past classes on Spires

You can download a record of the classes you have taken by clicking on the blue text which says "Click here"

This will download a copy of the current table in the form of an Excel file and allow you to keep a record of classes, dates and prices.

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