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The Student Guide - Answers to questions from students
The Student Guide - Answers to questions from students

The student guide is has videos and articles to explain how Spires works, and answer common questions, all from the student's point of view

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When you student asks questions about the functions of Spires, such as how they can access their recorded classes, it is best to point them towards the student guide.

The student guide is our section of the help centre which we created from the students point of view. All pictures and videos were taken from inside a student account, and the questions answered are those commonly asked by students.

How can students access the guide?

Students can access the guide by clicking on the guide button from within their bar:

How can tutors access the guide?

Tutors can use the link here or if they search for any answers either using the search bar from the tutor guide, or the search for help box inside the blue button, this will return articles from both guides.

For example:

Searching for "failed" has returned articles from both the student and the tutor guide.

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