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What does "enable low risk permission" mean?
What does "enable low risk permission" mean?

When you get an error using the phone calling system, you will need to book a free meeting instead

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Error - Enable low risk permission

When using the phone calling function, you may get error which says something similar to "To call this phone number you must enable low risk permission for X" with X being the country you were trying to connect to.

This means the country you are trying to call is blocked by our phone calling system and you will not be able to call them through Spires. The reason will be that the countries are known to have a high incidence of phone calling scams. This is when people input premium rate phone numbers and get others to call them, so that the caller is charged large amounts of money.

How is this fixed?

The only way around this is to offer a free meeting instead. You will be able to connect with them securely through Lessonspace.

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