How do I offer a free meeting?

Using the the schedule class button

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Whilst it is uncommon that a tutor wants to give a genuinely free class to a student, it is quite common and generally recommended and accepted best practise that tutors arrange a free first meeting before they begin a placement. This allows them to meet the student and find out more about their needs, sell your skills and experience to them, build some rapport and make sure you are a good fit for each other. 

Please Note: If you are offering a free class/meeting to a brand new student on Spires, they will still be required to put in a credit card to be able to accept the class offer as a form of guarantee that they will actually show up.

To offer a student a free meeting, click on 'Schedule Class' in the messenger when in a chat with the student you wish to offer the class to:

The 'Offer Class' pop-up then has a tab that if selected, will make the scheduled class/meeting free of charge:

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