How do I close a conversation?

How and when to close a conversation

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Closing a conversation will move a tutor from your 'Open' messages to your 'Closed' messages and let them know why you have chosen to close the conversation (job complete, you are unhappy with them, etc).

When can I close a conversation?

Once you have finished your classes, if no longer need help, are unhappy with a tutor, or if you decide to take classes with another tutor instead.

How can I close a conversation?

Conversations are closed from the messenger. Choose the messages with the tutor you want to close, and click on the "i" button in the top left of the messenger, next to the tutor's name.

And on the pop-up click close conversation

If you close a request or dismiss a tutor from the requests page when they bid on your request but do not wish to work with them, they will also be put in your closed conversations.

If you accidentally close a request, end a job or dismiss a tutor, still this guide on how to reconnect with them.

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