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How to close a request

What happens when you close a request

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Closing a request will take your request off of our jobs board and stops new tutors from bidding on it or contacting you.

*** You should close a request when you are happy that you have a tutors(s) that you are happy with and no longer wish to be contacted by more tutors ***

Closing your request will also close conversations with tutors you have not had a paid class with, and politely let them know you have closed the request.

If you leave your request open, it will stay on our jobs board and additional tutors can still contact you. Leave your request open if you think you might like communicate with additional tutors.

When should a request be closed?

Either when you do not wish to communicate with additional tutors once you have taken a paid class with the tutor/tutors you want to work with, or when you change your mind and no longer need a tutor at all if you have not had any classes.

Some requests, especially at the University or professional level, may require more than one tutor. In these cases, schedule a class with all of the tutors that you need help with before closing your request.

How can a request be closed?

There are two ways to close a request. The first is directly from the requests page

And clicking on close will ask if you to confirm if you want to close your request.

The second way is after your first paid class with a tutor, you will see an orange banner at the top of Spires asking if you would like to close your request.

You can click close one you found the right tutor and had a paid class with them. Otherwise, leave the request open to be matched with more tutors.

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