Do you offer free trials?

In short no, but you can have a free meeting with a tutor before lessons begin

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Do you offer free trials?

In short, no. Spires is a high quality online tutoring platform, full of experienced, freelance, private tutors. It is not reasonable to expect experienced, qualified people to work for free. They also have private lives, family commitments, work commits and more. Our tutors are adults, experienced professionals, not undergraduates or recent graduates, therefore, we do not offer free trials.

What is a free meeting?

A free meeting is a free consultation offered at the tutor's discretion. This is a short 10-15 minute video call, used to meet with a potential student before they begin lessons. This provides an opportunity to meet you, understand your needs and requirements, set expectations and formalise details such as pricing, class timings, availability etc. This is not an hour or half an hour of free teaching and this should not be expected.

What are the terms for a free meeting?

Tutors offer free meetings at great cost to themselves - they effectively give up their time for free, in order to get to know you and your educational needs. Therefore the terms of a free meeting are very simple - if you fail to turn up it is treated as a missed class . If you miss a class then the tutor my charge you, it will be up to them to decide, and this is agreed to each time you accept a class.

Why do I have to enter a credit card for a free meeting?

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