The classroom is not opening

What to do when the classroom does not open

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To 'Open Classroom' on Spires, the tutor must arrive at your scheduled class start time and click 'Start Class', after which the open classroom button will start to flash for both parties.

If your student has problems, refer them to the student version of this article.

If you have done this and you or the student has failed to connect to the classroom, try the following:

1. Click 'Open Classroom' button inside the blue 'Having problems' link.

2. Refresh your browser - This will fix most common issues.

3. Restart your browser - Log out of Spires and close your browser. Open the browser again, and log back in again.

4. Restart your computer - This fixes 99% of problems because it restarts all of your programmes and services and also gives software updates a chance to run. Operating system/browser updates are often the cause of classroom problems.

5. Check your browser compatibility - Please make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If you are using one of these, try another. Microsoft Explorer, Edge and other browsers are not supported.

6. Check Lessonspace is working - Test the classroom using the instructions here

Here is a further guide to Lessonspace

We have a dedicated guide on troubleshooting Lessonspace

If none of these steps help, contact our team using the blue button.

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