Aside from getting access to our jobs board and clients, Spires' built-in communications, class scheduling, integrated zoom classroom and payment system solve many problems for tutors.

Essentially, they greatly reduce the admin time of tutoring.

All of these features can be used with your own clients for a commission of 5%.

In order to add your own clients, click goto the 'My Jobs' area of the 'Jobs' tab.

There you will see 'Invite Client' at the top right of the screen.

This will bring up a pop-up in which you can add the client's name, email address, subject and level of study and the price per hour you work with them for.

When you click 'Invite Client', they are emailed with a link to create an account on Spires.

They will have single job with you and you can proceed to communicate, schedule classes and receive payments in the usual way.

They will just need to add their card details before they can book a class with you.

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