Becoming a Spires Tutor

If you want to join Spires you will need to submit an application and attend an interview

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How to join Spires as a Tutor

Step 1 - Understand the platform and its requirements

Before submitting an application, understand the platform and its requirements:

  1. Requirements to become a tutor - Formal experience teaching or lecturing and sufficient demand in your subject.

  2. Tutors are self employed - We are not hiring tutors, tutors are self-employed freelancers.

  3. All the tutoring is online - You must posses suitable equipment and IT skills sufficient to learn how the platform works.

  4. Rates and platform fees - Spires adds a percentage to the fees you seek and you are able to set your own rates.

  5. Your will need to pass an interview - Unlike many other platforms, Spires interviews all tutors to ensure quality and professional standards are maintained.

There is much more information in our tutor guide, which is a complete guide to how Spires and all its functions. Please ensure you use the search bar at the top to find the answers to your questions.

Step 2 - Submit your application

You must submit an application using the 'Apply Now' button here

We do not accept any applications sent by email or any CVs forwarded to us.

Creating a profile should take approximately 15 minutes. This needs to be filled out properly, one line answers will result in a rejection. Upload a professional photo and highlight your relevant experience and track-record as a tutor. Please also submit an up to date CV/resume that reflects the position you are applying for - Online tutor.

It is not necessary to upload your background check at this stage, however if you do not have one, you should look into obtaining one.

Step 3 - We review your application

We will review your application and compare it to our requirements here. If we feel you meet these requirements, then we will invite you to an interview. Regardless of the outcome, you will be informed of the outcome via email.

This can take a week or more as we receive a large volume of applications daily. Please do not contact us asking what has happened to your application as we will simply be unable to reply.

Step 4 - Book and attend the interview

You will be notified via email if we invite you to book an interview. The interview takes place online, using the platform, giving you your first experience of using Spires to have a class. You will be emailed two articles one will give you information about the interview in general and the other will describe how to conduct the interview.

You will also be sent a link to our interview calendar where you can select a suitable time for an interview. The interview should only be booked when you are fully prepared and suitably equipped for online tutoring. We close applications if we do not see tutors booking interviews within a month, which we feel is more than enough time for a tutor to attend an interview.

Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hours notice and only in the case of an emergency. Repeated cancellations/reschedule requests will result in your application with us being terminated.

We use the interviews to assess a tutors ability but also as a test of professionalism and dedication to the profession - we want to know how you would behave with a student. The quickest way to generate complaints is to miss your scheduled tutorials with a student, which is why we take cancellations so seriously.

Step 5 - Get started on the platform

Upon successful completion of your interview, you will need to upload your background check and wait for the team to review it.

The interviewer may also give you feedback back on your profile, please make sure you put this into place immediately as we will not put profiles live until this is done.

You will also need to add your payment details before you can conduct classes. This will consist of you adding a bank account from a country that is offered by the payment system. For which ever country you select, you will need proof of address and a bank account from that country. The payments article has more information on this.

Once these steps are done, you are free to begin bidding on students.

We recommend that you continue to read the tutor guide as it contains more information about Spires, how it works and the various features.

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