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Can a tutor complete my work for/with me?
Can a tutor complete my work for/with me?

What tutors can and cannot help with

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Spires is an online tutoring platform, designed to connect students with tutors and allow them to have live, one-to-one classes. The purpose of this is to facilitate the study of material leading up to exams, and coursework submissions. This being said, it is not a tutors job to do the coursework or projects for you. They can teach you the subject area, how to structure your essay and what makes a good dissertation or thesis.

Tutors will not complete work with or for you, they will not answer questions which are part of your assessed work, they will not help with exams/assignments and they will not produce solutions. Spires does not run a solutions service, and any such requests are outside our terms of use. Spires will not accept complaints regarding anything which is beyond its terms of use.

All work must be completed by you, the student, and any attempts to seek unethical help will result in a permanent ban from Spires. We have a zero tolerance policy towards academic malpractice, and engaging or soliciting cheating may result in Spires notifying the institution you study at. See our house rules for further details.

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