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4 simple rules that you must follow on Spires

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Spires is a professional community of teachers, lecturers, academics and private tutors.

It is safe, friendly and high-tech learning environment for both tutors and students to enjoy and benefit from.

There are four basic rules that you must observe at all times on Spires. Watch the video or read the text below:

  1. Do not share contact details - The system offers safeguarding and privacy for users. It has everything built-in for communications; including free international phone calls, messages and emails, file sharing and video calls.

  2. Do not solicit tutors into private arrangements - You must not try and make arrangements with tutors outside of Spires. This includes offers to pay them privately, or recruit them to work for you.

  3. No academic misconduct/cheating - Asking tutors to complete work for you is against our terms and conditions, as is asking for help with assessed exams, online tests or anything else unethical. Both Spires and the tutors who use the platform have a zero tolerance approach towards this type of behaviour.

  4. Be polite and respectful - To both our team and the tutors. Derogatory, inflammatory, disrespectful, rude or inappropriate communications will not be tolerated.

By following these rules, the system works for everyone. You will have access to the most professional online tutors from around the world at competitive prices and be able to use our simple and powerful technology to facilitate your online learning.

*** If you break these rules, we reserve the right to suspend your account and/or remove you from the platform without notice ***

Engaging or soliciting cheating may result in Spires notifying the institution you study at.

Serious breaches of our terms may result in legal action, including seeking reparations for damages though the courts. Everyone who uses Spires agrees to our terms and conditions when they sign up.

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