If the payment has failed then we have not been able to charge the student's card. We are not able to share the exact reason in each case, but the two most common reasons are:

  • Insufficient funds - They would need to top up their funds or add a new card

  • The charge was blocked by the bank - They would need to contact the bank to approve the transaction or add a new card

Spires will automatically email in the event their card is declined. You can also write them a polite email/message asking them to clear their negative balance. If this is not cleared after 3-4 days, you can message us on the blue button and let us know the students name and to follow up with an email.

Spires does not guarantee payments. Once they have done a class and not paid, their balance is negative and they will not be able to have further classes. Do not suggest any work around to thisĀ 

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