What is offline/prep work?

Offline work is preparation time, reading or marking done by a tutor in preparation for their class with you

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What is offline/prep work?

Tutors usually quote an hourly rate for teaching when they bid on your request, and this can include some time towards preparation. Some students will require much more extra time to be invested, and for this a tutor would need to be compensated, e.g. if a student wants a three hour paper to be marked by the tutor.

Offline work is not the tutor completing work for the student. Please see our article for more information here

Please make sure that you speak with the tutor before accepting or requesting offline work.

Accepting offline work

Accepting an Offline Class request it is similar to accepting an Online Class except that there is no start date and time, just a length of time that you will be charged for.

Requesting offline work

To send an offline class request, simply click on the 'Request Class' button and then click on the button which says 'Offline / Prep'

You can specify the length of time needed in terms of hours and minutes, and add a note of the topic or what is being requested from the tutor.

Payment for offline class is immediate, as soon as the class is confirmed. It is non-refundable as the tutor does some work on your behalf.

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