How do I have a class?

Log in to Spires at the time of your class and click open classroom

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Starting the class

If you have a scheduled a class with your tutor, you will be able to see an open classroom button on every page of Spires. This will also tell you the time and date of the next class

If it is less than 20 minutes before the class starts, you will instead see a timer counting down to the start of the class

The circle next to the tutor's name also shows you their status, a filled green circle means that they are online, and an empty red circle means they are offline. If you click the Open classroom button before the tutor, you will see the following

This means that the tutor is not ready to begin yet and has not started the class. You would need to wait for them to start it, and in the interim period, you can use the "Test Classroom" button if you have not tried the classroom previously.

Once the tutor starts the class, the green "Open Classroom" button changes and can now be clicked

Clicking on the "Open Classroom" button will now open the classroom. If this does not work, then clicking on the blue "Having problems?" text will bring up a pop up

You can read the classroom guide to troubleshoot your issues, or you can message us if you are unable to resolve them

After the class

Once the tutor has ended the class on Spires, your payment card is charged, your recording will be processed and uploaded to your History tab and you will be prompted to leave a rating

This is optional, you can opt to skip this, however you will not be able to leave a review in the future. If there was a technical issue, please do not leave a rating, instead use the technical issue button to report the issue.

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