How to request a class

Ask your tutor for a class

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Open the messages with the tutor you want to request a class from.

On the right hand side (scroll down on mobile) you will see a 'Classes' area and a green 'Request Class' button.

This brings up a pop up which must be completed in order to request an online class:

To request an 'Online Class' you must specify the class date, start time, class length.

Clicking on any of these values will provide a drop down menu where you can change them.

You can also include a written description of the topic that you would like the tutor to cover.

You can also see what date and time the requested class will be for the tutor if they are in a different timezone from you.

Once you submit the request using the green 'Request Class' button, the tutor will be asked to confirm it. Once they have, you will be notified that the class is confirmed.

Payment for Online Class is made after the class. The tutor will confirm the length of a successful class and this will automatically debit your payment card. More on how payments work on Spires here.

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