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I have not heard from any tutors
I have not heard from any tutors

What do to if you do not get bids

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On Spires, students first submit a request.

We then send that out to our tutors to review and they will bid if they think that they can help you (and want to).

If no tutors have replied, either they do think that they can help you, do have not enough information to make a decision, or do not want to help you.

*** Writing a detailed and complete request is the key to getting bid from tutors ***

Common issues with requests include:

  • Lack of information - Your request needs to have as much detail as possible update it by following these instructions. Writing simply 'need help' will not inspire a tutor with confidence that it is worth offering to help, or that you are a serious student with an actual problem they can help fix. Take the time to explain to potential tutors what you are struggling with and provide the relevant answers to our questions as well as resources such as problem sets or class notes for them to review.

  • Wrong subject/level - Your request will not be seen by relevant tutors if it is sent to the wrong people. Either edit your request and change the subject, or if you want to re-notify new tutors because of significant changes, close the request and add a new one.

  • Tight Deadlines or unrealistic expectations - Urgent or panicked requests about having an exam in 1 hour and needing to learn the entire year's course or else you will fail will unlikely get bids from tutors.

  • Niche requests - Super specific requests for help with specialist software or dissertation help for a postgraduate are going to be difficult to find a tutor for. Tutors are not going to know all the details of a research driven project, its very definition means that there has to be unique thought put into it. That would have to be carried out by a student, not the tutor.

  • Requests for cheating/plagiarism - Tutors will not write your essay/provide solutions/do your coursework for you. In fact, they will report your request and then the team will ban you from Spires.

  • Not allowing enough time - Allow at least 24 hours for tutors to get back to you. Our tutors may be in different time zones. Some requests can even take a few days to get bids if they are very specialist or niche university/professional qualification requests.

  • No available tutors - It is possible that we do not have a tutor or one that is available at present to help you.

Either close your request and add a new improved one with better information and more realistic expectations, or sadly we might not be able to help you with your request.

It might be worth phoning a specialist tutoring provider like The Profs for niche requests if you have had no bids within a week.

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