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How can I contact a tutor I have seen?
How can I contact a tutor I have seen?

You can invite a tutor to respond to your request through their profile

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A note about contacting tutors

Contacting tutors directly is not the best way to use Spires. Students often want to contact tutors who are either unavailable, or do not actually cover what the student needs. Spires was designed with this in mind, and instead it asks tutors to bid or opt in to contacting a student. That way students only ever communicate with tutors who have read their request and have determined that they are able to help. However, if you wish to contact a tutor then continue reading this article.

How Spires notifies tutors of your request

When you add a request to Spires, your request is emailed to tutors who offer lessons in the subject and level selected. This number is displayed in the request:

Clicking on the blue text will allow you to browse the tutors who have been notified:

Contacting a tutor

We recommend that you edit your request before contact tutors. Tutors are unlikely to respond to vague inquiries for help, use the finish request button to provide more detailed information.

If you locate a profile that you like, you can use the contact button to send them a short message. This can be either from the page that lists the tutors or their individual profile.

Doing this will let the tutor know that you would like to work with them and it will also pass them your description, as well as your message.

We do not guarantee tutors will respond to these inquiries and you should take the lack of response as the tutor declining. They will only respond if they are interested and available

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