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Which country can I apply from?
Which country can I apply from?

The countries tutors are allowed to apply from explained

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Which countries do you accept tutors from?

Spires is an online international platform that accepts tutors from all over the world. We welcome qualified and experienced tutors to apply from countries that have access to either of the following payment platforms:

Please check the country list(s), to ensure you can meet either of these payment methods.

Required Documentation

Further to this, to apply to Spires, you will need to possess a valid photographic ID, proof of address and a bank account. The proof of address must match the country of the bank account you are using.

See why for more information.

Why do you only accept tutors from these countries?

Sending money across borders as a business is complex in the legal sense. While individuals can access a myriad of services to easily send money to friends and families, businesses have a whole host of regulations to comply with. Each country has a different set of regulations, and the laws work differently for platforms like Spires.

At the time of writing, we only use Stripe and PayPal to pay tutors. We only operate these as a platform and can only send payments to the above-mentioned countries. If your country isn't within either of these, regrettably we are not able to accept your applications.

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