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What does the ordering of the tutors mean?
What does the ordering of the tutors mean?

The tutors who replied to my request are ordered. How is this ordering determined?

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The Spires Algorithm explained

Spires stores detailed statistics on tutors, with the most important factors being the class reviews tutors receive and the average length of each relationship they have with students. The class reviews let us know that students are happy with the classes they have had with their tutors. The length of their relationship shows us that students are happy, and continue to have classes as they are learning from their tutors. In this way, our algorithm measures student satisfaction.

What the order means

The order represents the tutor score, from highest to lowest, as determined by our algorithm. The tutor at the top of your request is the one who has the highest score and the best track record on Spires, of the tutors who replied to your request.

Please note: The score is not the only thing to consider when selecting a tutor, they also need to be available at the right times to tutor you. They need to cover the specific area you are interested in.

Are there more tutors?

There may be more tutors, you can dismiss the existing ones to find out. However, new tutors will be ordered based on the existing tutors in the list.

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