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Refer Friends to Spires and earn up to 100
Refer Friends to Spires and earn up to 100

Earn up to 100 for each student referral to Spires

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Welcome to our referral scheme 🎉

If you know someone who has never used Spires before and needs tutoring, you can refer them as a student and benefit from it.

Simply follow our easy steps to start earning your 100. Currency based on location.

(Terms and conditions apply- See below)

Step 1: Select ‘Earn 100’ from your account.

Step 2: Copy your personalised referral link.

There are three ways to share the link:

  • Copy and paste - You can share it with a friend/colleague through any form of social media or send it through any messaging app to your friends.

  • Email - Send someone a short email along with your link

  • Text/SMS - Send someone a text message along with your link

Step 3: Student signs up to Spires, using your unique link and secures their first 1 hour class. Job posted and scheduled classes will be tracked after signup.

Step 4: Student completes the first 1 hour class.

Once they have completed their first hour, you will get 20 Gift Card.

Step 5: The student goes on to complete a total of 5 hours.

After their fifth hour, you will get an additional 80 gift card, bringing the total earned to 100 🎉

Step 6: Accessing your rewards, by simply clicking “Click to generate your Gift card”.

Step 7: You will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem. You will also be able to access the link from your referral page.

You can refer as many students as you like to increase the number of Gift cards paid out to you. All of whom will need to be within the Terms and Conditions to qualify.

All referrals will be tracked at any time in the "Earn 100" section.

Terms and conditions

  1. This offer is at the sole discretion of Spires and we reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer at any time without notice.

  2. All referrals are subject to fraud checks and attempts to abuse this offer will result in a ban from Spires.

  3. This referral offer is only available to users who have completed at least 1 paid hour on Spires.

  4. A referred student must sign up via your unique referral link. We cannot offer bonuses for students who sign up without using it.

  5. The offer is for the referrer to be paid up to 100 through a GoGift E-Card.

  6. The referrer will earn 20 after the first hour, and a further 80 after the fifth hour of classes completed by the referred student.

  7. Currencies are determined by the location of the user - GBP in the UK, EUR in Europe, CAD in Canada, AUD in Australia and USD everywhere else.

  8. Once gift cards are delivered, Spires has no control over them. Therefore if there is a problem with the redemption, please contact GoGift Support.

  9. The referred student must not be a current or returning client of Spires.

  10. The referred student must not be from the same household or family as the referrer.

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