How to leave a review for your tutor

Reviews are left at the end of a class, you can also send your tutor feedback they can add to their profile

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How to review a class

Please bear in mind that reviews are public, i.e. they are visible to all students who browse the tutor's profile. Tutors always appreciate it when students take the time to write something nice, even if you only leave a review for one class, as it really helps them find new students. We only show the last 10 reviews for tutors, so your review may replaced with reviews from newer students.

At the end of a class, a pop-up window will open and ask you to leave a review:

You can use this to leave a rating, if something went wrong with the class you can click "Technical issue" and you can opt to skip the rating.

If you choose the option to skip rating, the class will still be available to rate from your classes tab:

However, if you skip the rating again, it will need to be left through the history tab as described below.

How to edit your review

For two weeks after you have had your class, your review can be edited/updated. After this time you will not be able to edit or update it.

In order to change your review, you need to go to the history tab, locate the class you want to change your review for and click the green button next to the stars:

This will bring up a pop-up window that will let you change your review.

Please note that this feature should not be abused.

Sending your tutor feedback for their profile

Tutors have a different section of their profile for students feedback, which they can add to themselves. We designed this with the idea in mind that many tutors are new to Spires, but maybe been teaching/lecturing for anything from 5-30 years. This section is used as a way of providing reviews for tutors who have not had any students through Spires who have left a review at the end of their class.

Tutors have a section of their profile that looks like this:

If you can see your tutor only has a few testimonials, or they do not have many class reviews, it is a really great way to help them out. Simply write to them in the messenger and they can then copy the text into the relevant section of the profile.

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