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How to reset your password

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If you have forgotten your password or cannot login to Spires and get the error incorrect password, it means the password you have entered is wrong and you will either need to enter the correct password or use the reset link below:

Start by clicking on the blue text that says "Having trouble logging in?". This will take you to another page that will let you reset your password:

You will need to enter your email address and then click the blue "Send reset Email" button. If you are successful in entering a correct email address then you will see the following:

Within a few minutes an email should be sent to your email inbox titled "Spires Password Reset:

On opening it you will see the following:

Clicking the blue "Reset Password" button will take you to a special page within Spires where you will be able to create a new password by filling in the boxes:

Once you do this and click continue, you will be taken back to the login page and you will need to login with your email address and new password

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