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How can I add a Student or a Parent/Guardian to my account?
How can I add a Student or a Parent/Guardian to my account?

You can change the account details from the settings page to a second person to the account

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Spires is designed to allow one student per account, however parents/guardians are often involved in the tutoring process, either just speaking to the tutor or taking a more active role and booking the classes. Therefore, on Spires, the Student Settings are the details for the student who is taking the classes, and the Bill Payer Settings are for the parent/guardian. Read on to find out more about the function of each setting.

What does each setting do?

Student Settings - The student is the person who will be taking the lessons. The email address and password listed there are the ones to be uses when logging in. They will get all emails by default and receive phone calls if the phone calling system has been correctly set up (see here for more information).

Please note: If you edit either the email or password in the student settings, you are logged out and will need to log back in

Billpayer Settings - Adding an email address to the Billpayer settings will allow the nominated email to receive a copy of emails about bids, tutor messages, classes, payments and files exchanged. Adding a phone number will allow the tutor to phone that number through Spires

How to add the Billpayer settings

Before adding the Billpayer settings, you may need to edit the Student settings. Open your settings tab and at the bottom of the page you will see billpayer settings

Click on this will allow you to enter the email address, first and last name, and phone number

After this is completed, you will be able to control what emails the bill payer email will receive, as well allowing the tutor to be able to phone you through our phone calling system

If the box has a black tick, it is enabled, if it is empty it is disabled. On setting this up, you will need to select which emails you are sent and tick the box to allow tutors to call you.

Please note: Only the student will be able to log in to Spires, so you should retain these details for use later on

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