One of the biggest sources of complaints on Spires is tutors charging more than the scheduled class length.

We do not recommend charging for extra class time unless your student explicitly agreed to the charges, even if you overrun. When it comes to a few extra minutes of class time, goodwill goes a long way in building rapport with clients and overcharging can destroy the relationship quickly which is counter productive if you want to provide a service and make more money over the long-run.

Obviously if the class was significantly longer than scheduled you may want to charge and we do not want tutors to be out of pocket. But tutors who receive repeated complaints about overcharging will face action from Spires.

Communication is key here, just explain to clients what you are going to do and why as that solves 90% of problems that might arise. If you are teaching a child, speak to their parents/guardians, or the people paying for the lessons.

If you charge for more time than the schedule class length, you will see the following red warning message. If everything is ok, and the extra charge applicable, simply click 'Confirm Class'.

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