How does online tutoring work?

Online tutoring is conducted via video calls, screen sharing, online whiteboards and other collaborative technologies

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Online tutoring on Spires is conducted using the latest technologies. Our tutors are trained and equipped to use the latest tools to be able to deliver an outstanding experience which we believe rivals face to face tutoring.

How does online tutoring work?

  • Video calls - Our classroom is a customised version of Lessonspace, which offers a stable, high quality platform to hold video calls with tutors. We have built in recordings, screen sharing and many more features to help students learn online!

  • Online whiteboards - Tutors in subjects like Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Economics will use online whiteboards. These are like digital pieces of paper that both tutor and student can write on at the same time. They can also copy in pictures, put up questions and work on them and much more.

  • Collaborative tools - Tools like Google Docs allow student and tutor to work together on a particular document, and for example, review an essay. There are many more examples of such collaborative tools in other fields such as coding, which tutors will use on an as needed basis

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