In general we strongly recommend using Google Chrome for optimal performance of Spires.

Work in a quiet place and use a pair of headphones to avoid background noise.

Check your internet speed and connection stability as this is the root cause of 99% of problems on Spires.

*** Most problems are solved by restarting your computer and router ***

There is a more detailed guide on how to change your zoom settings here.

Internet Problems

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is within range, strong and stable.

  2. Make sure you are physically close to your router if using Wi-Fi. Hardwiring your computer to your router is preferable.

  3. Make sure both you and the other party do not have downloads or data intensive processes running on your internet connection. Family or friends streaming audio/video or gaming on the same connection as you will also limit your bandwidth, ask them to wait till your class has finished.

  4. If you have a slow internet connection, turn off both of your video cameras in zoom during the class.

Audio/Microphone Problems

  1. Configure your operating system to make sure your audio and microphone settings are correct and that the correct devices are set to default. Guide for Windows. Guide for Mac.

  2. Configure your browser to make sure your audio and microphone settings are correct. Guide for Chrome. Guide for Safari.

  3. Make sure you have given zoom access to your microphone. How to fix your microphone.

  4. Make sure that no other applications that use your microphone, such as Skype or teams are open in the background.

  5. Wear headphones and use an audio headsets with a built-in microphone. This will stop your microphone and speakers feed-backing into one another and drastically improve audio quality.

  6. Sometimes, you may not be able to get the audio working on headsets/headphones. Leaving zoom, disconnecting then reconnecting the headset, and then rejoining zoom using the open classroom button again in Spires might help. You can make sure the proper device is elected in zoom using this guide.

  7. Move to a quiet location, free from background noise.

  8. If your internet speed is slow or your connection is unstable then turn off your camera to give maximum bandwidth to your audio call.

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